Hi, I’m Ludovic Frey!

I’m the face behind flawlessgene.com, and here are some quick facts about me:

  • I’m obsessed with beauty and physical attractiveness
  • The amount of psychology knowledge I have would scare you
  • I’m running one of the very few blogs on the Internet about the science of physical attractiveness
  • Discrimination against ugly/below-average looking people breaks my heart
  • I’m here to help you in any way I can, so that you can be happy and beautiful

… Because I know how it feels like to be depressed, Insecure, and self-conscious because of your looks.

In high school, I was an unpopular kid who got bullied all the time. My life was full of pain, misery, rejection, and discrimination…

I got rejected by someone that I like, because they were attracted to a friend of mine who was more physically attractive than me, I also lost my best friend because I cancelled a scheduled meeting with him, and I did so because I felt unattractive and I was afraid that people would judge me because of the way I looked.

I didn’t get called back after many job interviews because of my looks. Things got so intense, at certain times I felt like I’m not even a human being anymore; I would look in the mirror and see a hideous monster that doesn’t deserve to live.

My confidence and self-esteem were non-existent. I attempted suicide more than I can count, I used to be afraid to look people in the eye when they were talking to me because I was afraid they might mention something about my looks, I used to feel very shy and awkward in social situations. I used to not be able to even make a complete sentence without stammering or making some bad pronunciations.
All my relatives knew that I don’t talk much in social gatherings; I’d just sit quietly in the corner. And they just got used to it.

I was so freaking skinny. I had no hairstyle, my face was full of pimples, my teeth were crooked, and I was very low energy – I looked like an old man with my abnormally curved spine posture (Scoliosis).
I used to be so lonely, I spent most of my time at home afraid of going outside, and this has caused me some serious health issue, like severe nasal allergy and some other breathing problems.

I used to walk around with my head down ashamed of myself and afraid that I may mess someone’s day because of my unattractive appearance. Feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression caused me suicidal thoughts that made me cry and wonder each time I looked in the mirror… why in my brief existence on this planet – does that have to be me?

Life was tough for me, self-consciousness; feelings of ugliness, suicidal thoughts ruined my life completely. I looked happy on the outside; I made sure that people don’t see what I’m struggling with. But on the inside, it was a totally different story – To this day, I consider this to be one of my deepest personal stories ever – I never talk about this with my friends, family or anyone… No one knows about this except for me (and you), for years I’ve kept these thoughts to myself. And for the first time ever, I want you to know this so that you don’t have to suffer the way I did. No one deserves to live this life.

My current status

Today, I’m a totally different person and I am really happy with my life, I might not be very attractive, but I’m far from what I used to look like – people treat me differently, they act different when I’m around, for the first time ever – I feel like my presence is now acknowledged by others. Everything has changed, I have more friends now and they enjoy my company, and I started to love the joy of spending more time outside and talking and interacting with people. I’m less self-conscious in social situations, and I don’t care as much anymore what people think of me. People started telling me that I’m good-looking; girls started noticing me more. I became more outspoken and like to share my opinions without being afraid of people’s judgment, I’m not afraid anymore to act like myself around others. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin than ever before, I feel like I can do anything.

This transition of me made me realize a few things:

  • Looking good is very important ~ looks matter a lot in many situations in life, more often than not, the world rewards beauty.
  • Looking good improves the quality of your life ~ things are different for attractive people. Beautiful people are typically treated better by others. Research has found that beautiful people are happier with their life.
  • Looking good is important for dating, marriage ~ physically attractive people have more options and higher chances of finding a desirable mate and being rejected is not something that you have to deal with very often.

And this is why I made this site, so that I can share with you my real life experience and knowledge, In addition to what have helped me improve my life and attractiveness.

I’ve been through it all. I know how it feels like to be unattractive, self-conscious and depressed. I have experienced life from both sides.

And I promise you that If you do what I will share with you, your life will never be the same again.

Do you want to make yourself more attractive? Do you think it’s possible to change how you look like? Do you want to get rid of your feelings of Insecurity and self-consciousness?

If Yes, then you’re in the right place.

On this site, I reveal what is little-known about the science and psychology of beauty, human behavior, and physical attractiveness. My mission is to help you make yourself more attractive and change your life for the better.

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Why is Flawless Gene Different?

  • Proven techniques: the concepts discussed in my blog is proven to work if applied correctly provided that the subject is determined and patient for better worthwhile results.
  • No vague talk: I work hard to bring you little-known information that is not common sense.
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  • Non-Conventional Information: you won’t find regular common sense advice in any of our articles, we try our best to avoid mentioning theoretical advice that everyone already knows.
  • Evidence-based facts: No one will believe a  method without solid evidence that backs their claims, we only give advice about concepts that is effective and is evidence based.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We never try to deceive people with misleading titles, we value the trust our readers put in us, and that is something more valuable than anything else.
  • Easy to Understand: Although Information we discuss is highly academic and not available to the general public, we try our best to simplify complex scientific and psychological principles in order to make them more readable.

Welcome to Our Journey of Self-Empowered Beauty and Attractiveness.

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