The 101 Most Unfair Advantages of Being Attractive


Everyone secretly knows that being attractive is better, the advantages of being attractive seems to be endless. Attractive people have an unfair advantage in almost all places, whether it is at school, work, the restaurant or any other place, attractive people receive a special treatment wherever they go.

It seems that life is rewarding those who are more beautiful.


Various studies have shown that people tend to associate good personality traits with beautiful people, such as kindness, honesty, and intelligence. This behavior can be seen as a clear sign of discrimination. However, this is not a conscious behavior, we assign these positive traits with attractive people without knowing beauty had anything to do with our judgments.

Perhaps, the mainstream media is responsible for this bias judgment, but there are scientists who argue that we are hard-wired to appreciate good looks.

Want to know the benefits that come with being attractive? Here is a massive number of advantages attractive people enjoy:

1. Attractive people receive compliments from their family, friends and even strangers more often than less attractive people. Especially women, some even get tired of being complimented all the time.

2. If you had exceptional looks people will rarely ignore you when you say ”Hi”

3. People will listen to you more closely and with more attention, probably because attractive people are perceived to be more intelligent

4. Beautiful people are usually more confident in social interactions, Specifically when expressing themselves. Apparently because they feel confident that people won’t judge them.

5. Your boss at work will respect you, especially if your job is about dealing with clients and customers. Perhaps, your boss is aware that attractive people are more trustworthy.

6. Bosses are more likely to hire someone they find attractive, Studies have shown that attractive people are much more likely to get a job interview.

7. Little kids will love you, children don’t cry when they see someone with a beautiful face looking at them. Even studies of babies show that they will look more intently at beautiful faces.

8. Beautiful people generally get served faster at restaurants, grocery stores, or wherever they go than less attractive people. Probably because it’s easy for people to notice exceptional looks.

9. People will enjoy your presence and often will want to spend more time with you (See Why Looks Matter More Than You Think)

10. Beautiful people typically have more friends because they find it easy to socialize with people.

11. If you’re a woman, you will rarely be single, you will have multiple options to choose from at all times.

12. If you’re a man, you will find it much easier to attract women.

13. Whether you’re a man or a woman, people will often assume that you are sexually experienced.

14. If you’re really really good-looking, your partner will work harder to satisfy you in the bedroom

15. According to various studies, Beautiful people are more happy and satisfied in life. This is mainly due to a large number of opportunities and second chances they get.

16. You will rarely be sad or depressed, and if it happens, it will be for reasons other than your looks. Just like we earlier said, Beautiful people are more happier.

17. You won’t have suicidal thoughts, like the rest of us, unless you’re a drug addict. Suicidal thoughts are commonly linked to clinical depression.

18. Good-looking people don’t have to put much effort to keep the conversation going, other people will work harder to fill in the awkward silence.

19. Good-looking people are less likely to be thought of as creepy.

20. In court, Good-looking criminals receive more favorable sentences and have lower fines imposed on them.

21. Attractive people are less likely to be fired, even if they did a critical mistake. Their bosses will tolerate their mistakes more than their less attractive counterparts.

22. Teachers expect more from their more attractive students. They expect the academic performance of attractive students to be different and better from that of unattractive students.

23. When it comes to romantic relationships, Good-looking people are less needy. usually because they have more options to choose from.

24. Beautiful people are more successful in life, they have better jobs and more desired partners.

25. Attractive homeless people get treated better by people and are more likely to get accepted in charities.

26. Attractive people have more career options than less attractive people, careers such as Modelling, TV presenting, and Acting are only available to attractive people.

27. Good-looking Hollywood actors get more favorable roles in movies, They also get paid more.

28. Movie directors and producers almost always prefer an attractive actor to get featured as the main character or the hero/protagonist

29. Sometimes actresses refuse to kiss another actor in a movie, this scenario is less likely to happen to an attractive actor.

30. People tend to trust attractive people more to keep their secret safe. Attractive people are perceived to be more trustworthy, even though they might not be trustworthy at all.

31. When an attractive person speaks, people tend to keep silent and suddenly they turn into better listeners

32. At school, students are far less likely to disrespect an attractive teacher

33. If you’re a woman, you will find it much easier to attract your desired man

34. Most people offer to help good-looking people in their problems, even if they are minor problems

35. If you’re an attractive man, women will often ask you to give you their phone number!

36. Sadly, if you’re a good-looking boy, your parents will love and care more about you (See Parents Give less Attention to Unattractive Children )

37. Good-looking people share their photos on social media without worrying about how people will judge their looks

38. Beautiful people look better in pictures and are more photogenic than less beautiful people

39. People will find you more interesting than what you are.

40. Good-looking people are better persuaders, this is probably why they get whatever they want.

41. At work, good-looking people are perceived as more qualified and experienced

42. Attractive people are more likely than their less attractive co-workers to get promoted

43. Beautiful people often enjoy a higher self-esteem, mainly due to their happiness and satisfaction level

44. Beautiful people rarely get rejected by the opposite sex, and if it happens it’s because of reasons other than their looks

45. People are more likely to accept a date request coming from someone who is perceived as good-looking

46. When beautiful people get rejected, they don’t associate the rejection with their physical looks

47. People generally give attractive people a more favorable and special treatment People generally give attractive people a more favorable and special treatment

48. If you’re a pretty girl, you will easily get access to more VIP places

49. Beautiful people are considered to be healthier, the reason is because they were born with good genes, and good genes are a reflection of health and fertility.

50. At school, good-looking students are less likely to be bullied.

51. Attractive politicians often get more votes than less attractive politicians.

52. People who don’t understand much about politics, generally have a tendency to trust more good-looking politicians.

53. Beautiful people look a lot younger than their actual age

54. Sunglasses look better on beautiful people, glasses look better on a face with features such as chiseled jawline and prominent cheekbones.

55. People rarely refuse the requests of good-looking people, even if they immoral.

56. At work, beautiful people are more likely to get a promotion if they ask for it

57. When public speaking, good-looking people are viewed to be more fluent talkers

58. Companies with good-looking executives have higher sales.

59. Contrary to common belief, attractive people do have brains, they are perceived to be more intelligent

60. Attractive people are less likely to be viewed as mentally unhealthy

61. People tend to avoid arguments with attractive people whether it is at work, school or anywhere else

62. Attractive men are perceived to be more socially dominant.

63. People tend to respect and value the opinions of attractive people more than less attractive people

64. People don’t get pissed off or get uncomfortable when an attractive person is socially awkward

65. Beautiful women are more likely to get a free drink or lunch offered by whoever it is.

66. Studies have found that parents show more attention to their better-looking children

67. Teachers are less likely to punish good-looking students if they didn’t do their homework

68. People are more likely to sympathize and forgive a good-looking person

69. Attractive people have a higher callback rate for job interviews

Job interviews

70. Tall men earn more than their shorter counterparts (See Why Tall People Make More Money)

71. Attractive employees are seen as more valuable and typically earn more than less attractive employees

72. When charged for a crime attractive defendants are less likely to be perceived as guilty

73. When on a launch break, your friends and coworkers will always offer to pay the bill

74. When good-looking people ask for help or guidance, people tend to offer them more information and details

75. When wanting to pass the road, vehicles will stop and wait for you to pass

76. Usually, it is easier to memorize the features of a beautiful face, thus, people usually remember attractive people more than less attractive people.

77. If you’re really good-looking, people will notice you more, you won’t know how it feels like to be invisible or ignored

78. People would be pleased to listen to what you have to say

79. A good-looking gentleman is more likely to get laid in the first date!

80. People will be more intimidated by you and they will work harder to make you feel comfortable

81. Police officers are less likely to give you a ticket when they pull you over, (this works better for women).

82. When you drop something on the floor, people will be ready to help pick it up for you

83. Strangers feel comfortable and at ease when they speak to an attractive person

84. People will be more inclined to offer you their best advice when they see you doing something wrong

85. Your Romantic partner will work harder to satisfy you and make you happy, because they definitely know that you have other options

86. Good-looking celebrities get more media attention, thus more movie offers and more money

87. People will laugh on your jokes even if they are totally not funny

88. At parties and other social occasions, you become the center of attention for prolonged periods of time

89. When your friends encounter a problem they look up for you to help them solve it, cos they think you’re smart

90. Teachers are more likely to give better grades regardless of test outcomes to more good-looking students

91. A typical attractive person gets more networking opportunities

92. People who don’t really know you, will sometimes even invite you to their circle of events

93. People will more likely share their personal thoughts and secrets with you

94. Good-looking people have an advantage when it comes to meeting new people, for the reason that people form a more positive first impression on them.

95. The same clothes will look better on a more good-looking person

96. People often encourage Beautiful people when they fail to do something

97. People tend to agree with Beautiful people more, and rarely disagree with them even if they are wrong!

98. Most people won’t get angry at you if you did something bad to them

99. Beautiful people are rarely found to be introverted

100. People will automatically assume that you are not single, they will think that  good-looking person like you is probably taken.

101. If you are dumb but beautiful, other co-workers might help you get your job done


See what I mean?

Beautiful people seems to be having lot of unfair advantages that most people would kill to have.

In many cases, attractive people are unaware of the advantages they have over less unfortunate people, Almost all published scientific studies about attractiveness have shown that attractive people have an unfair advantage in most situations in life.

However, although that good-looking people get more opportunities in life, they certainly have problems just like the rest of us. the only difference is, their problems are not related to their looks.


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