Author: Aaron

  • Fasting and Beauty

    Fasting and Beauty

    Fasting has become quite popular the past few years. Initially it started as a dieting method or concept among the fitness and fat loss industry professionals, but has grown from there to mainstream for quite a number of reasons. Fat Loss Yes, fasting works to lose weight and fat, it works very well for that.…

  • Enhanced Beauty

    Enhanced Beauty

    Make-up or no make-up, surgery or no surgery, hormones or no hormones, that is the question, natural or enhanced beauty, which is right and which is better? The right answer to this question is, there is no right answer. In fact, the whole concept of thinking one person could judge another on right or wrong…

  • Flawless Beauty

    Flawless Beauty

    Flawless beauty, yes being flawless is beautiful, but does it even exist? The answer to that is actually, no. Nobody is truly flawless, as nature is chaos, and all natural things have a matter of chaos of flaws in them. We humans aren’t any different, despite the modern trend of people trying to get themselves…