Enhanced Beauty

Make-up or no make-up, surgery or no surgery, hormones or no hormones, that is the question, natural or enhanced beauty, which is right and which is better?

aesthetic procedure

The right answer to this question is, there is no right answer. In fact, the whole concept of thinking one person could judge another on right or wrong is taboo. Each person determines their own right and wrong based on their frame of reference built through their upbringing and life.

The fact is, we have one single short little time here on earth, absolutely insignificant in the greater scheme of things. But the only thing significant to yourself while you are alive. So why not live the exact way you want to.

Some people pride themselves on how good they can make themselves look, other pride themselves on how good they feel. Neither is wrong, you do which makes you feel better and more fulfilled.


For men, improving your appearance can incorporate anything from shaving or not shaving, to training, tailored clothing, hormones and even aesthetic procedures from fillers through to implants, and to each their own.


For women, improving your appearance can range from make-up, hair dye and jewellery, through to aesthetic procedures, fillers, chemical peels, laser removals, prosthetic implants and more.


One common theme we often find most people striving to improve their appearance especially after 35 and on, is mostly to try combat the decay of our bodies and appearance from aging. This not only with the aim to look good, but often to feel good, try to live longer, or even when not extending life, just to extend the quality of life during older age.


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